About - Sue Bleiweiss

My interest in photography began in In 2014 when I saw my first Great Blue Heron while canoeing on the Nashua River.   I was absolutely entranced by this magnificent bird standing just a few yards from me.  They are quite majestic when standing statue still for fishing and quite graceful when they are in flight. I am fortunate to live just a few short miles from a Great Blue Heron rookery. To get a good vantage point for photos requires a walk through the woods but battling with the bugs to get there is worth it! There is nothing like seeing a colony of these beautiful birds flying in and out of the rookery and tending to their young. It is truly a magical and inspiring experience to me and I think I will never tire of it.

When I first started photographing birds I was using a Canon Rebel t2i. A great camera that served me very well for many years.  In 2019 I upgraded to a Canon 7D Mark II and I love it. Combined with my Sigma 150-600mm lens it allows me to get nice sharp in flight shots from a great distance.  For general shooting and walking around I use either my Sigma 18-300mm or my Sigma 100-400mm.  Both are a bit lighter than the 600mm making them easier to carry for hiking adventures.

When I am not out taking photos I can be found in my studio designing and creating art quilts.